Mechanical Design

Designing essential elements that you don't see, yet you will miss if it's not there.

Mechanical design is a complete part of our design team to integrate all the industrial matters as early as possible. From the design to the mass-produced product, the mechanical development transforms the concept into reality. Designers and mechanical engineers are closely working together to make sure the proposals are achievable as soon as the creation starts. Assembly, materials and processes are all carefully considered to make sure the final product is meeting your expectations.

Furthermore, strengthened by more than 14 years of experience in industrial developments, our detail-oriented teams industrialise your project, after co-creating the specification that will ensure the best output. We then match this specification with the various tooling options offered by our best-in-class industrial partners, to find the perfect match between output, cost and durability. This leads to a concretisation of the project that is up to the highest standards. This co-construction is enriched by a deep knowledge of the constraints and possibilities of the tools used to give shape and life to your project, from the first samples to the mass produced product.