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Creating the first of many, long aspired, penetrating in technology, reliable in engineering, creative in aesthetics and wholesomely prosperous in economics physical product for you.

Our team wants to make something that works by confronting vision with reality and iterating until it feels just right.
Our designers go from drawings with proof of concepts, to paper and cardboard models to cosmetic or functional prototypes and actual products while integrating scales, proportions and geometrys checks. They verify the look in 3D, on a table, the general ergonomy, the ease of use, sturdiness, reference it against our portfolio, and so on. This exciting phase allows ideas to be shaped and molded into a product that perfectly matches the requirements and specifications. We are fortunate to live in an era where it is possible to print just about anything in the corner of an office, and we do not deprive ourselves of this! All our projects are quickly transformed into functional prototypes ready to pass all possible test to proof and refine their efficiency and image.

In addition, we involve our most daring customers in the details of the creative phase of the realization of live prototypes "quick & dirty" to give substance to the idea.