using Greenmode, our Bluetooth solution

RCU always in connected mode

thanks to low power consumption of the system

Best-in-class for power consumption

Consuming up to 3 times less than the competitors

No need of deep sleep mode

Encrypted connection


Firmware upgrade over the air secured, using SSL certificate to signed the firmware

Bluetooth stack of reference :

matches with all ICs of the market place


10-years proven stack

Let’s design your

     next remote control... 

Our voice control solution

Best-in-class microphone

Work out of the box with AndroidTV

Voice data 100% compliant with Google requirements

Pre-integrated with RDK

E² Lib, our IR library

Worldwide database, with recurrent updates for universal devices.


We’ve made our own software tools to adapt to required protocols in less than 1 week.

They trust us

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