4MOD's new logo and website to celebrate 10 years

Funded in late 2007, 4MOD turns 10 this year. To celebrate this first decade, we launched a rework on our visual identity to match with 4MOD's vision after 10 years in the industry.

Logo explanation

The logotype represents 4MOD's identity, collaborators and philosophy:

  • Bold letters depicts our strength and robustness, results of our 10 years experience.
  • The 4 legged "M" stand for our will to innovate, a thing we do through iterative processes.
  • The final point and mix of lowercases and uppercases characters represent our pluridisciplinary team dedicated to every 4MOD's project, from A to Z.

Create a meaningful brand based on company’s name to picture 10 years of experience through shapes and illustrate 4MOD’s philosophy through a simple and recognisable detail.

Officially launched at IBC 2017, 4MOD's identity is now based on this new signature, with a strong "M" letter standing for innovation and iteration process.

Logo construction

Logo declinations

New website

Alongside this new identity, we are launching this brand new website. More detailed with an in-depth overview of the company, handy products catalog… Everything — or almost — you need to know about the company is now available.

The news page has been added with all you need to follow 4MOD's latest news about partneships, events, products…

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