4MOD to unveil a new product range at IBC 2017

After unveiling the Cube, the Loop and the Hubi during the previous IBC editions, 4MOD launch not less than 4 brand new products this year. Discover these new and unique remote controls : 4MOD Pho, 4MOD Amy, 4MOD Léa and 4MOD Maddy.

In order to renew our remote controls range, we worked on four brand new, unique and versatile products to match end users needs and operators expectations. Whether you are looking for diferenciation, time to market or cost effectivness — or the three at the same time — this range was made to serve these multiple purposes.

1# 4MOD Pho

4MOD Pho is inspired from new uses, especially with a new shape recalling smartphones. Shorter but wider, accessibility is its strength.
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2# 4MOD Amy

With fluid lines, 4MOD Amy is beyond doubts a recognisable product with a unique look.
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3# 4MOD Maddy

4MOD Maddy is a sensitive product, playing with materials for an efficient, smart and versatile product, for all.
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4# 4MOD Léa

"Less is more" is 4MOD's Léa baseline. Organised yet original and identitary, this neat product aims to provide a flawless experience.
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