The main activity here, at 4MOD, is to provide tailor made solutions for TV operators. We do have off the shelf products, but we try to lead our customers in a deeper understanding of end users needs, to differentiate and add value in essential products through strong design experience.
Laurent S. CEO


RCU inventor

Thanks to a strong in-house creative and technical strength, our main activity is to build unique remote controls for customers who want to stand out. Starting from scratch or from an off the shelf model, we listen to requirements, needs and new uses.



With more than 20 devices ready for the industry — and numerous declinations for each one of them — you will probably find the model you are looking for among these off the shelf products. As is or completely customised, our team will make it your own.


IOT manufacturer

Our vision of tomorrow's living room brought us in the Internet of Things, home automation, data analysis area. Alongside with smarter remote controls, we manufacture connected devices for worldwide IoT actors.

4MOD's connected studio

The Connected Studio is 4MOD's own office dedicated to IOT products, aiming to provide tangible solutions as well as support for any IOT projects. From business strategy to product delivery, for industrials or medical world, we make connected devices a reality.

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Never follower, always leader

In order to constantly improve our knowledge and product range, we develop in house products only motivated by our thirst of innovation. By listening, watching and analysing people uses, we work on augmented and rewarding concepts.

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We carefully combine
to create meaningful experiences.

Detail oriented

To bring such a simple product to a whole new level of efficiency, we focus on the tiny details leading to greater products. Nothing is left behind: everything is developed accordingly with clients requirements and user needs.

Innovation by design

Since the beginning, industrial designers are part of 4MOD and amongst the years it became way more than aesthetic work. Always looking for opportunities to innovate alongside R&D team, the design team aims to break the boundaries of the RCU industry, bringing to life unique combinations of uses and technologies.

turnkey solutions

Strength of an organization including all steps of creation is to be able supply turnkey solutions. We start with an idea, we design, develop, industrialize to offer a solution ready to ship. Qualité and time to market are two of the several advantages of the supply chain from A to Z.

Technical expertise

4MOD Technology stands out from its competitors thanks to a skilled team of designers and engineers who closely collaborate to imagine tomorrow's user experiences. Embedding up to date technologies, our designs enable user friendly products for everyone. Multitouch, E ink, optical finger navigation or wireless charging are carefully used to offer a playful manipulation.

  • E-ink
  • Finger print
  • IR universal
  • LoRa
  • motion detection
  • multitouch
  • NFC / RFID
  • contextual notifications
  • On Air Download
  • pointing
  • RF (BLE, RF4CE, Wifi…)
  • Sigfox
  • Thread
  • voice treatment
  • wireless charging